Why Beards are so HOT now


Beards. They’re everywhere now! Everywhere I look, on the street, at the beach, in the music store, inside a car, I see….a beard. And not just any beard. Its usually a full thick but maintained beard on any number of ethnic and not so ethnic men in their 20s & 30s. Even a few in their 4os and 50s are getting in on the trend. Bearded-men have seem to overpopulated themselves over night and I’m rubbing my edges trying to figure out when did this occur?

And more importantly, why?


According to various sources online, men growing and sporting beards have been steadily rising in popularity since 2010. And its’ not just because of the benefits of not having to buy razor and other shaving products nor the natural UV protection they provide the facial skin, but they represent something more powerful. Having a beard means you’re a strong, masculine, sexual, virile, mature, intelligent, and high class man.


Some even believe that the fullness of a beard subconsciously represents premiere selections for a sexual partner for procreation, as women subconsciously respond to those bearded-men with the desire to be chosen to make a family with that man.



Studies have been done on proving how easier it is for some nationalities to grow beards, than others, like Asian, South Americans, and Native Americans ~ although I have seen plenty of Native Americans with beards!  Beards, overs the years have also had a negative connotation, think dudes with evil roles in movies and barbarians, which ironically means ‘the bearded ones’. Yet religious groups such as Israelites, Orthodox Jews, Muslims, and Amish are mandated to keep and not trim their beards. So the beard has symbolized a spectrum of people and concepts.


But when did every man I know, online & off, get the memo? It appears as if overnight, we went from the popular goatees, sideburns, mid patches and jaw-line definition to full, and full trimmed, beards. And why are so many women attracted to them now? I see so many couples, young couples, older couples, interracial couples, all with bearded men! Even I have started to become weak in the presence of a bearded man and now have put that down as a must have for my future mate. What caused this turn on inside of me for beards? I don’t know for sure, but I like it and hope the beards keep coming.

image          image

If you have your own ideas as to why beards are so hot right now, please share them with me !


Site pueblopulp.com ~ what’s with the Beard phenomenon
All Photos ~ various tumblr accounts on beards

3 thoughts on “Why Beards are so HOT now

  1. The first guy is… beyond sexy! To me, beards are ultra masculine. My dad has always had a goatee – I’ve never seen him without one, and I’ve noticed that I’m not really attracted to men without facial hair. I’m not sure who started the beard trend up again, but they should be given a Nobel Prize.

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