And You Thought Custard was a Dessert..

If you have type “3b” hair like me, you’re probably a bit frustrated at trying, mixing, swapping, & adding to every natural hair care product on the market. Initially, my hair was super dry, then the Lord blessed me & it became super moist. So moist, that it seemed limp & the shrinkage was very real and present 😦 but it was soft…so soft, in fact, it seemed fragile.

Well, my sister came in one day and handed me a a new hair product. I looked at the label. It was a custard. I never used a custard before. I mean on my hair. I thought custard was a dessert.

So I try it the next day.

And the next one.

And the next….

And, OH-MY-GOSH…no one could tell me that heaven did not send me the most perfect product for my hair!! It worked a miracle!!! My edges & side hair (which had a slightly coarser texture than the rest of my head) were laid down, with ONE application. All my  hair also seems to show more of its true length. And my curls! They were more defined in areas where more work is usually needed to bring them forth. I felt I truly landed in hair-do haven.

So I’ve been using this custard for over a week now and I haven’t had to braid my hair once. It works perfectly to keep from tangling & shrinkage, plus I haven’t seen more than one knot since. Bless my hair God, Jehovah Se’arot Arukho!

If you have a similar hair texture to mine and are struggling to find a product that does it all, try a custard, like me, & let me know how it works for you 🙂


…Oh, here is the custard she bought me..
…No I’m not endorsed by them ( yet! )
…But I am a believer…of this product.

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