How to care for colored hair

If you are constantly thinking of ways to make your hair over, then you have sought every type of change for your hair on the market, like I did. Hair straightener cremes, hair curling irons, semi permanent hair color cellophane, you name it, I’ve probably tried it.

The best treatment &care for color treated hair, whether temporary, semi-permanent or permanent, & whether henna or ammonia based, is to moisturize, Moisturize, & MOISTURIZE.


After getting my hair professionally dyed (not my usual cellophane, yet neither the harsh ammonia) for the first time, I noticed it was full as usual, but very dry. I wanted to bring life & moisture bring back into it. So immediately, I discovered I just need to add more moisture than normal to it. The way I approached that was to use a moisturizing leave-in conditioner, followed by coconut oil or a blend of oils.

I found doing this often, like a few times a week, helped keep my hair healthy, strong, & vibrant.

But I doubt I would ever color it that way again. I don’t even use henna.! I used to use Sebastian Cellophanes, but stopped for a while. Once I tried Joico on my own, but I didn’t have a great experience with that product. So now I try au natural; meaning lemon juice, chamomile tea, eggs, honey, etc. Just about anything you can eat!

What has your hair coloring experiences been like and how do you up keep your colored hair?

Current Hair Routine


Many people are recently asking me what do I use on my hair, how do I maintain it, is it hard to upkeep? These have been to most popular hair questions I’ve received as of late. Before I decided to wear my hair natural 100% of the time, the number one question I was ALWAYS asked almost every day of my life, as I wore it straight was: ‘Is it REAL?’

I wont go into the psychological issues that occurs for both parties during those interrogative experiences, but I’m glad that’s over. Yet at time I wonder…how does wearing my hair natural now, proclaim its REALNESS, more that before? Ah, that may seen like a social cultural concern, that I’m not sure I’m ready to approach, but let’s get back to my routine.

First the products I use:
I change products depending on what I’m targeting to that moment~ more moisture, retaining length, or keeping my scalp oiled. I have tried, used, and found favs with a range of products. Below, I listed the best suited for my hair, with is very coarse, very thick, very black, and very 3C/3B:

*Shea Moisture
*Creme of Nature
& Blends of every oil on the market, especially those oil mixtures that come with a 1000 oils inside 🙂

As for my routine:

*I wash with chemical free shampoo every month or so ( this works for my hair, I know most naturals have a more vigorous wash schedule )
* I follow up with a hair conditioner that is for extra moisture or for deep conditioning
*Then I rinse and pick-comb or finger-comb out with a leave in conditioner
* Finally I alternate days of applying more leave-in conditioner & oils, as I experiment with various protective styles


Level of difficulty for upkeep:

This question has always been hard to answer. Because when people ask it, they are asking form the perspective of their individual unique hair type and how mine compares to theirs. Because I never really had straight or loose wavy hair as a natural hair type, I don’t know if caring for mine is ‘easier than theirs’. Yet this I can say: it does take me considerable amount of time to prepare it to look, act, & be at the level of beauty that I desire it. In that sense, it may be harder to maintain than theirs, as most of those who ask me, have naturally straight hair.

What about your hair?
What do you do differently from me?
What techniques can you share to shorten my time in doing my hair?