How to care for colored hair

If you are constantly thinking of ways to make your hair over, then you have sought every type of change for your hair on the market, like I did. Hair straightener cremes, hair curling irons, semi permanent hair color cellophane, you name it, I’ve probably tried it.

The best treatment &care for color treated hair, whether temporary, semi-permanent or permanent, & whether henna or ammonia based, is to moisturize, Moisturize, & MOISTURIZE.


After getting my hair professionally dyed (not my usual cellophane, yet neither the harsh ammonia) for the first time, I noticed it was full as usual, but very dry. I wanted to bring life & moisture bring back into it. So immediately, I discovered I just need to add more moisture than normal to it. The way I approached that was to use a moisturizing leave-in conditioner, followed by coconut oil or a blend of oils.

I found doing this often, like a few times a week, helped keep my hair healthy, strong, & vibrant.

But I doubt I would ever color it that way again. I don’t even use henna.! I used to use Sebastian Cellophanes, but stopped for a while. Once I tried Joico on my own, but I didn’t have a great experience with that product. So now I try au natural; meaning lemon juice, chamomile tea, eggs, honey, etc. Just about anything you can eat!

What has your hair coloring experiences been like and how do you up keep your colored hair?

Long Hair….Fast


Every female I know of wants longer hair, now.

And you don’t know these girls, just look at the most popular hair videos and hair YouTubers: there are thousands of hits on their videos which show you ‘how to GROW your hair’ Faster, Better, Longer, and Fuller.

But is it possible?

The average hair grows at a rate of 1 cm to about 1 full inch a month.

But who says we have to be average?

I believe we can speed it up or at least get the full potential of 1 inch every month.

Yes, I know your hair is different than the next girl’s. It’s kinkier, curlier, stranger, bouncier, lighter, denser, thicker, wavier, tighter, and wilder than hers. Well, I still think I can assist you to finding something that can promote it’s grow quicker.

Think of the man with the spinning plates. Remember him? He used his hands or other tools to keep many plates spinning at one time. This is what you need to do with your hair. No, not spin it, but have several things working for you at once. Fortunately, you only need three. That spinning man probably had 5-7 plates!

Here are the three main ways that need to be working for & with you, to expedite your hair growth:


The part where your hair sprouts from your scalp is the top of your roots to deep underneath the skin is where it seems to disappear and actually end. It’s very important to keep this part of your hair healthy, since new growth stems from here. To cultivate growth in this area, massage it at least every other day or night. For the best results, you should do it daily. Gently rubbing this scalp area  stimulates the skin around the hair follicles and encourages growth. It also feels good and subsides any stress you have. Relax & enjoy!


gym bod
What’s inside your body is more critical than what you put on it. I’m sure you’ve heard about keeping a healthy diet & exercises many times before, so I wont re-iterate that here. Yet, a lessor known, but equally important factor of keeping a balanced, healthy body is this: what is right, good, or best for you, might not, be right, good, and best for me. They say this and they say that, but it’s better to LISTEN to your body and discover what it needs. Everyone’s body is different and needs an individual plan for health. Your body was well made and knows how to communicate with you what is optimum for your health. You may need to rest more this week and only do two days of cardio workout. Or, you body may crave a certain food. It will craves certain things at various times, because there is an element in that food, which your body is missing to function properly. Eat that particular food item and watch your health bloom. In addition, stay very hydrated with water each day and have 2 to 1 ratio with every other type of drink you choose, should you decide to drink non-water drinks.


The ends of your hair need to be fiercely protected. This is the area of your hair that gives you the length you crave. You want to retain as much of it in its best state as possible. This means you must keep them moisturized with conditioners, oil, and/or water, as well as tuck them into you hair in protective styles so the weather and environment elements will not hamper its thriving.  If possible, wear protective styles 50% – 75% of the day .

These are the only true elements you need for hair growth.

The type of products you use, your hair routine, etc., etc., really doesn’t matter in light of these. The only thing that is crucial in using hair products is that you do not saturate it with synthetic harmful ingredients. Everything else that touts hair growth is FLUFF.

How to get the knots out… Or prevent them from appearing

How many times have we naturals received compliments on our hair and then led the discussion to the knots we fear growing in our glory?

Well I experimented on this knot business and discovered 5 ways to deal with them.  Doing them will banish knots for good!  At least I believe so..

  1. Always, when using any type of hair tool ( comb, brush,  or your fingers ), work from the ends of your hair to the very roots where your scalp is.  There were times I stopped 1/2 or 3/4 ths of the way when I thought it was detangled. This does not help prevent tangling or knots because you have to go all the way up,  even if the tangling is cleared beforehand.
  2. Absolutely ‘no borrowing’! I used to borrow often, you know,  when you are braiding a 3 strand braid and one of the stands turns out shorter than the other two?  So you borrow hair from the thickest or longest looking piece of the two, and continue your 3 strand braid.  I started realizing that this new strand later created a knot where you borrowed from. Just say no to borrowing. Try to separate three equal hair strand pieces before you start or if you are left with only two, just twist the rest.
  3. As you are treating your hair, please do so wet. Styling, prepping, and protecting it in a dry state will not benefit you later on. It is the fertile ground for knot forming!
  4. Also, your regular routine should include moisturizing your curly, wavy, or zigzagy do often. Use either water or conditioner. Keeping your hair from living in a dry place helps keep not land from forming on your soil.
  5. Additionally, I have invented  my own little technique to deal with knots once I find them. Some people pull them to the ends, others cut them off, but both of these ways take out other hair strands with them. My technique either just removes the knot itself or releases all the strands so EVERY HAIR IS SAVED.

My technique:

~I isolate the strands that the knot surrounds from the rest of my hair. ~I gently pull up words, as if I’m drating the knot closer to my scalp. ~Then I slowly pull all the strands back down but apart. ~Next I try to remove one strand at a time from the knot.  ~I repeat this three step process until every strand is out of the knot. ~Many times I find this releases the knot and saves the hair.

If you want me to make a video on this technique, please comment below and I will show you exactly how I do it.