Hair Newbies

Are you just beginning your journey with Natural Hair?


If so, Here are a few things you should know as you go forward with fresh, lovely, pure hair:


  1. Ease off the Shampoo. You will need to start cleaning and moisturizing your natural hair with conditioner. we call it “Co-washing”.
  2. After co-washing, Condition your hair AGAIN. Conditioning is the secret, as natural hair needs SO MUCH MORE MOISTURE than any other type of hair.
  3. You will need to Deep Condition about one a week or once month, depending on your particular type of hair.
  4. To style your hair, try a few of the follow natural products that are:
    1. puddings
    2. smoothies
    3. curl ups
    4. milks
    5. condishs
    6. gels
    7. whips
  5. You can give the LOC method a try, but be warned, this method was very Moist, Wet-like, and Heavy for my THICK as THICK hair:
    1. separate your hair in sections
    2. dampen them with water
    3. put on a leave in conditioner
    4. seal with oil
    5. LOC process puts conditioner on after the oil, but truly the oil is a sealer of moisture and I found it should be put on last.