How to get the knots out… Or prevent them from appearing

How many times have we naturals received compliments on our hair and then led the discussion to the knots we fear growing in our glory?

Well I experimented on this knot business and discovered 5 ways to deal with them.  Doing them will banish knots for good!  At least I believe so..

  1. Always, when using any type of hair tool ( comb, brush,  or your fingers ), work from the ends of your hair to the very roots where your scalp is.  There were times I stopped 1/2 or 3/4 ths of the way when I thought it was detangled. This does not help prevent tangling or knots because you have to go all the way up,  even if the tangling is cleared beforehand.
  2. Absolutely ‘no borrowing’! I used to borrow often, you know,  when you are braiding a 3 strand braid and one of the stands turns out shorter than the other two?  So you borrow hair from the thickest or longest looking piece of the two, and continue your 3 strand braid.  I started realizing that this new strand later created a knot where you borrowed from. Just say no to borrowing. Try to separate three equal hair strand pieces before you start or if you are left with only two, just twist the rest.
  3. As you are treating your hair, please do so wet. Styling, prepping, and protecting it in a dry state will not benefit you later on. It is the fertile ground for knot forming!
  4. Also, your regular routine should include moisturizing your curly, wavy, or zigzagy do often. Use either water or conditioner. Keeping your hair from living in a dry place helps keep not land from forming on your soil.
  5. Additionally, I have invented  my own little technique to deal with knots once I find them. Some people pull them to the ends, others cut them off, but both of these ways take out other hair strands with them. My technique either just removes the knot itself or releases all the strands so EVERY HAIR IS SAVED.

My technique:

~I isolate the strands that the knot surrounds from the rest of my hair. ~I gently pull up words, as if I’m drating the knot closer to my scalp. ~Then I slowly pull all the strands back down but apart. ~Next I try to remove one strand at a time from the knot.  ~I repeat this three step process until every strand is out of the knot. ~Many times I find this releases the knot and saves the hair.

If you want me to make a video on this technique, please comment below and I will show you exactly how I do it.


Top 10 Best Hair Oils


From my experience & the general consensus,  I’ve found these oils to be excellent for natural hair. They are listed in order of quality:

  1. Coconut oil
  2. Jamaican Black castor oil
  3. Olive oil
  4. Argan oil
  5. Jojoba oil
  6. Avocado oil
  7. Sweet almond oil
  8. Vitamin E oil
  9. Shea butter oil
  10. Babassu oil

Coconut Oil ~ is the best moisturizer, conditioner, protect-er, protein producer, & manager of natural hair that I’ve seen & experienced across all races..  Black, Indian, Middle Eastern, Native American, Asian, you name it.

Jamaican Black Castor Oil ~ Moisturizes and strengthens hair with nutrients for your
follicles as well as fosters hair growth at a faster rate than normal.

Olive Oil ~ penetrates your hair to give it moisture while protecting it from weather  elements or conditions. Also softens your hair.

Argan Oil ~ a hair smoother and high source of antioxidants. Moisturizes your hair too.

Jojoba Oil ~ the most similar to your natural hair sebum, this moisturizes your hair as
it gives antibacterial properties to keep it healthy.

Avocado Oil ~ penetrates your hair shaft while feeding amino acids and other nutrients
to your hair. Add luster to every hair type by its strengthening properties.

Sweet Almond Oil ~ provides healthy hair growth, hair shine, a moisture sealant, and a
strand and ends strengthener.

Vitamin E Oil ~ stimulates your hair’s growth while repairing any split ends and
prevents premature graying.

Shea Butter Oil ~ heavier oil than the rest aiding to fortiy your strands of hair. But
best of all, it shields hair from UV Rays and other sun damage.

Babassu Oil ~ strengthens and moisturizes hair simultaneously. It helps to restore any
skin ailments underneath the hair too.



Then vs Now..

I use to really hate my look…  beach shot because I was stuck in a wrong thinking. Funny how the inner always reflects what you and others see on the outside. I felt I really couldn’t do anything about it and that pretty girls were born pretty. This was a time before YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram. Now it has become so popular to alter your look, almost daily, due to the flood of reality shows, entrepreneurial-ism, and a new philosophy of creating the life you want.

Over many milestones of some desired and some undesired change, a family member challenged what I thought of my look, especially my hair. I was strongly encouraged to let go of the relaxer (a staple in my community’s household back then) and embrace consistent care. She invested money, time, and research on the concern of my hair. It didn’t happen overnight, but I began to examine how I could best wear and care for my hair.

After dating a young gentlemen who loved seeing me natural in a picture one night, (it was after I washed my hair and let it air dry), I decided to try being natural. I started off being natural 25% of the time. Then I met another man and he liked that look too, so soon I became 50% natural. After dating him, I decided I wanted to explore more of my natural look and was next 75% natural. A couple of years later and I don’t even remember the last time I got a blow out or a press n curl. I’ve been natural for 100% of the time and I love it! Those two men really helped to push me to fully embrace my natural look. IMG405

Good Hair…


For as long as I could remember, growing up, there was a distinction made between good hair and bad hair. Good hair equated to thin straight hair you can easily comb and bad hair equated to nappy hair that needed more attention.

Through the years I’ve come to realize that any hair is good hair and all hair needs attention.  I’ve also come to love my own texture of hair which is not straight and thin.

Celebrate with me on this blog on embracing what ever texture you have, but our focus is on curls waves and zigzags!