Then vs Now..

I use to really hate my look…  beach shot because I was stuck in a wrong thinking. Funny how the inner always reflects what you and others see on the outside. I felt I really couldn’t do anything about it and that pretty girls were born pretty. This was a time before YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram. Now it has become so popular to alter your look, almost daily, due to the flood of reality shows, entrepreneurial-ism, and a new philosophy of creating the life you want.

Over many milestones of some desired and some undesired change, a family member challenged what I thought of my look, especially my hair. I was strongly encouraged to let go of the relaxer (a staple in my community’s household back then) and embrace consistent care. She invested money, time, and research on the concern of my hair. It didn’t happen overnight, but I began to examine how I could best wear and care for my hair.

After dating a young gentlemen who loved seeing me natural in a picture one night, (it was after I washed my hair and let it air dry), I decided to try being natural. I started off being natural 25% of the time. Then I met another man and he liked that look too, so soon I became 50% natural. After dating him, I decided I wanted to explore more of my natural look and was next 75% natural. A couple of years later and I don’t even remember the last time I got a blow out or a press n curl. I’ve been natural for 100% of the time and I love it! Those two men really helped to push me to fully embrace my natural look. IMG405