Top 10 Best Hair Oils


From my experience & the general consensus,  I’ve found these oils to be excellent for natural hair. They are listed in order of quality:

  1. Coconut oil
  2. Jamaican Black castor oil
  3. Olive oil
  4. Argan oil
  5. Jojoba oil
  6. Avocado oil
  7. Sweet almond oil
  8. Vitamin E oil
  9. Shea butter oil
  10. Babassu oil

Coconut Oil ~ is the best moisturizer, conditioner, protect-er, protein producer, & manager of natural hair that I’ve seen & experienced across all races..  Black, Indian, Middle Eastern, Native American, Asian, you name it.

Jamaican Black Castor Oil ~ Moisturizes and strengthens hair with nutrients for your
follicles as well as fosters hair growth at a faster rate than normal.

Olive Oil ~ penetrates your hair to give it moisture while protecting it from weather  elements or conditions. Also softens your hair.

Argan Oil ~ a hair smoother and high source of antioxidants. Moisturizes your hair too.

Jojoba Oil ~ the most similar to your natural hair sebum, this moisturizes your hair as
it gives antibacterial properties to keep it healthy.

Avocado Oil ~ penetrates your hair shaft while feeding amino acids and other nutrients
to your hair. Add luster to every hair type by its strengthening properties.

Sweet Almond Oil ~ provides healthy hair growth, hair shine, a moisture sealant, and a
strand and ends strengthener.

Vitamin E Oil ~ stimulates your hair’s growth while repairing any split ends and
prevents premature graying.

Shea Butter Oil ~ heavier oil than the rest aiding to fortiy your strands of hair. But
best of all, it shields hair from UV Rays and other sun damage.

Babassu Oil ~ strengthens and moisturizes hair simultaneously. It helps to restore any
skin ailments underneath the hair too.