Why Being Tender-Headed does not Exist


I do not believe that anyone can be tender headed.

If you don’t understand my belief, read on..

I’ve got a short and long answer for those looking for a quick or an in depth reasoning….

Short Answer:

Labeling one a ‘tender head’ is like saying a person is motion sensitive when the driver rides the break through the whole trip. ‘No I’m not motion sensitive, you just can’t drive!’ It’s the same with those combing your hair, they just don’t know how to comb it. They don’t want to admit it. So they label YOU as ‘tenderheaded’. Tsk, tsk on them.

Long Answer:

Being ‘tenderheaded’ is usually understood to mean that the slightest motion of a hair tool on a person’s hair/head causes them great head pain. This is either a mental positioning or untrue. If someone had a bad experience with a red jacket, then every time he gets near a red jacket or someone holds one out toward him to wear, he might cringe or jerk back. That is a mental position. The red jacket experience has shaped his future responses, whether it’s true or not that he would have a bad experience again with it. The same is true with an experience with hair brushing or combing.

If it is not a condition of a past experience, then I suggest it is the problem of the brusher or comber and not the brushee or combee (the one getting their hair brushed or combed). When a person doesn’t brush or comb another’s hair properly, the result is, of course, going to be painful for that person. The proper way is first gently, because we are talking about our precious strands of hair! Second is to treat small sections at a time, not a large area. Thirdly, use some product to give it some slip! Un-moisturized hair causes more issues with the process, than if you would have just used something. And lastly, please, brush or comb from the ends working slowly upwards.

I think the ones labeling others ‘tenderheads’ are because they are approaching their hair roughly and are not properly handling their hair. Everyone, in my experience, that has their head handled properly is not called ‘tenderheaded’. Hmmm. Maybe we should start taking responsibility and learn how to treat the hair and not quickly grabbing solutions (liking cutting, not styling, or worse labeling) for a non existent problem.